السلام عليكم و رحمة الله
( س ) هو ايه حكاية ال

ده ؟
( ج ) ده امتحانات حتتعمل لأمتيازالقصر العيني دفعة 2009 سواء أخدت امتيازك
جوة القصر العيني أو طلعت امتيازك برة القصر العيني أو انت خريج 6 اكتوبر و بتقضي فترة الامتياز هنا …. و شهادة الامتياز من مستشفيات جامعة القاهرة مرتبطة بالنجاح في الامتحانات ده .
( س ) و دول مواعيدهم امتي بقي ؟
( ج ) الامتحان الاول في شهر 8 القادم و يعاد في شهر 10 و يعاد في شهر 12 و يعاد في شهر 2 …… كل امتحان من دول فيه 3 module …. ممكن تدخل module 1 في الامتحان الاول في شهر 8 و module 2 في شهر 10 وال module 3 في شهر 2 …. براحتك خالص .

Dr Omyma’s announcement

-Dr Omyma’s announcements in the conference

-Regarding the courses:-

1-if u missed the family medicine course, the last lecture will be held on Saturday 15-8
U should register b4 going, in the HOT office so they can arrange abt the lecture hall, the number of books needed, & there supposed to be coffee break

2- if u missed one of the other courses, (IC, quality, ethics,……)
There will be a 2nd wave of courses after September (for the new house officers-june2009)

3- attendance sheet for all the courses will be available on august 16 in the HOT office


-Regarding the new HO assessment system:-

1-4 exams will be held (4 chances ) one every 2 months starting from next month
1st exam august 8 inshaaALLAH in MEDNET & will continue for 6 days
Registration starts on 27-7 till 4-8

2- Topics:
Internal medicine, surgery, & pediatrics
no gyna& obs nor emergency medicine as these departments have their own examz by the end of their rounds

courses: IC, ethics, communication, EDDD

3- Revise: doctor to be & log book

4- Get: HO assessment guide “with all details abt what u need to pass these examz”
Will be available in HOT office on Saturday 25-7 inshaaALLAH

5- u can register in one or more of the following exam modules:
Surgery+IC “infection control”
IM+ethics+communication skills

6-each module will have 20 mcqs in 25 minutes

7- Family medicine’s exam is separate, its supposed to be on December 5
“still not confirmed”

Hope i could make it clear for everyone & good luck

For any questions, u can post here