Dr Omyma’s announcement

-Dr Omyma’s announcements in the conference

-Regarding the courses:-

1-if u missed the family medicine course, the last lecture will be held on Saturday 15-8
U should register b4 going, in the HOT office so they can arrange abt the lecture hall, the number of books needed, & there supposed to be coffee break

2- if u missed one of the other courses, (IC, quality, ethics,……)
There will be a 2nd wave of courses after September (for the new house officers-june2009)

3- attendance sheet for all the courses will be available on august 16 in the HOT office


-Regarding the new HO assessment system:-

1-4 exams will be held (4 chances ) one every 2 months starting from next month
1st exam august 8 inshaaALLAH in MEDNET & will continue for 6 days
Registration starts on 27-7 till 4-8

2- Topics:
Internal medicine, surgery, & pediatrics
no gyna& obs nor emergency medicine as these departments have their own examz by the end of their rounds

courses: IC, ethics, communication, EDDD

3- Revise: doctor to be & log book

4- Get: HO assessment guide “with all details abt what u need to pass these examz”
Will be available in HOT office on Saturday 25-7 inshaaALLAH

5- u can register in one or more of the following exam modules:
Surgery+IC “infection control”
IM+ethics+communication skills

6-each module will have 20 mcqs in 25 minutes

7- Family medicine’s exam is separate, its supposed to be on December 5
“still not confirmed”

Hope i could make it clear for everyone & good luck

For any questions, u can post here

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2 Responses to Dr Omyma’s announcement

  1. اسماء محمد says:

    السلام عليكم شكرا على المجهود وعلى الاخبار الجديدة ياريت التوضيح على التسجيل هيبقى فين واحنا هنمتحن فى كل الدورات اللى احنا اخذناها ولا طب الاسرة فقط وكلهم اجبارى وشكرااااااااااااا يادكتور عمرو

  2. د/دعاء says:

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم شكرا على الا فاده والا هتمام بالمعلومات الجديده والا خبار ياريت بس نعرف ان الا متحان هيكون الشهر القادم فى المواضيع المتحدده بس ومعنى ان الا متحان هيستمر 6 ايام يعنى احنا هنروح يوم واحد بس او الا متحان هيكون طول 6 ايام ياريت التو ضيح وشكرا جزيلا على المجهود وجزاك الله كل خير ان شاء الله تعالى

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